Irish Lives Remembered theme: Women

The Summer 2017 issue of Irish Lives Remembered has been written around the theme of ‘Women’ and is an eclectic mix of articles. As always, Irish Lives Remembered is online and free.

Five of the six articles in this issue are about women, including:

  • Patrick Roycroft writes about Grace Cotter, a 19th century woman from Rockforest, County Cork, who discovered a rare form of a common mineral and had it named after her: cotterite.
  • Maureen Wlodarcyk, based on her own genealogy research, tells about women and girls who emigrated by ship and traveled in steerage class.
  • Maurice Gleeson spins his DNA knowledge into a humorous story about women’s DNA and how it proved some old bones were King Richard III.
  • Jayne Shrimpton’s skills as a photograph detective attempt to unravel the mystery of an elegant 19th century Dublin woman pictured on a visiting card.
  • Liz Rushen, noted Australian historian of Irish emigrant women, is interviewed by Fiona Fitzsimons. Fascinating!

Balancing the issue’s ‘women’ theme, Paul MacCotter writes about the Burke surname and its bloody family history in Ireland.

You’ll want to read this issue cover to cover:

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