Minnesota ethnicity

Today was another fun, rewarding day at the International Germanic Genealogy Conference. Over the last two days I’ve encountered a bunch of people I know from Irish Genealogical Society Intl (IGSI) and Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). I didn’t realize so many have a German ancestor.

Here’s what Wikipedia says:

Over 85.0% of Minnesota residents are of European descent, with the largest reported ancestries being German (38.6%), Norwegian (17%), Irish (11.9%), and Swedish (8.9%). The state has had the reputation of being relatively racially homogenous, but that is changing. The Hispanic population of Minnesota is increasing rapidly, and recent immigrants have come from all over the world, including Hmong, Somalis, Vietnamese, and emigrants from the former Soviet bloc.

Although our DNA doesn’t stack up exactly this way, Bill and I count our household as Irish (25%), Swedish (25%), Dutch (25%) and German (25%).

I’m looking forward to one more conference day of Germanic presentations! See what you missed here: https://iggpartner.org/aem.php?eid=1.

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