Vital Records Handbook

Newly published is a seventh edition of the International Vital Records Handbook by Thomas Jay Kemp.

Bobbi King recently reviewed the book for Dick Eastman’s blog:

Procedures/forms change over time, and periodic book updates are necessary. Nonetheless, my personal research doesn’t require me to spend $85 for the very latest revision. Your work may support the investment so be aware that a 7th edition is now available.

Here in Minnesota, the Hennepin County Library carries an online version of the (2009) book that’s super-easy to access by topic. You may want to check your local library’s catalog when/if the need arises (i.e., googling fails to give what you want to know).

King’s book review led me to look for more information about the book’s author. Thomas Jay Kemp is Director of Genealogy Products at GenealogyBank and a blogger. His blog postings – many about his Mayflower and Revolutionary War ancestors – are good advertising for the details and stories one can find in old newspapers, like those carried by GenealogyBank. If you have deep New England ancestry (or if you’re already a GenealogyBank subscriber), you may find Kemp’s articles of particular interest:

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