Back to school

Are you starting to think about the kids going back to school? Maybe you should be making plans for yourself?

At the Minnesota Irish Fair

At the 2017 Minnesota Irish Fair

After taking a break in August for the Minnesota Irish Fair, the Irish Genealogical Society Intl (IGSI) will resume its second-Saturday-of-the-month schedule for genealogy classes. Plan now to attend:

9 September 2017 – Ship Records with Mary Wickersham

14 October 2017 - Irish Places and Jurisdictions with Tom Rice

The announcement about classes you’ll see on the IGSI website is “old news” and will be updated shortly.

The reason for the change in plans: the MGS library will be moving to a new location on November 1! More details about that later.

Because we anticipate some disruption as a result of the move, no Irish-Saturday class will be held on November 11.


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