Photo clues

While sorting through another box of family belongings, I came across an old photo album.


The pictures had been collected by my husband Bill’s father, William V. “Bill” Hickey (born in Minneapolis in 1907). At right Bill (Sr.) is pictured with his sister, Julia Rose (born 1909).

The photo below left was among those Bill (Sr.) took on a trip to Montana with his mother in June 1932. Thank goodness he had the good sense to write captions describing the photos!

Standing from left: William Scott, Catherine Quinn Hickey, Rose Quinn   , Mary Quinn Scott; front from left: Bill Hickey, Frank the dog), Eunice Scott

Standing from left: William Scott, Catherine Quinn Hickey, Rose Quinn Fisher, and Mary Quinn Scott; front from left: Bill Hickey (Sr.), (the dog) Frank, and Eunice Scott

When you click on the photo, you’ll be able to read what he wrote:

WILL      MA      ROSIE      MARY


I wish I’d seen this photo several years ago when I started researching the Quinn siblings.

The picture was taken while “MA” (Catherine Quinn Hickey, born 1873) was visiting her sisters. Mary (born 1870) and Rose (born 1874), who both lived near Ronan, Montana. Mary was married to William Scott; they had no children of their own but adopted William’s great-niece, Eunice (born 1918), when she was very young. Rose’s husband, Tom Fisher, may have snapped the picture; the Fishers were also childless.

In fact, although ten Quinn siblings survived to adulthood, Catherine’s children (Bill and Julia Rose Hickey) had only two cousins on the Quinn side. One was the adopted Eunice Scott.

I eventually figured it all out, but this picture with names documented would have been a wonderful hint.

Bill and Julia Rose’s only true biological Quinn cousin was James, son and namesake of Catherine’s oldest brother.

If you’ve been following this blog,  you’ve heard about my fervent search for James Quinn and his descendants. The next chapter – and perhaps the last word on the subject – will be posted here in the next day or so.

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