Ordnance Survey Maps – CHEAP!

Who doesn’t love paper maps, especially maps of Ireland? Spreading them out and inspecting the vicinity where our ancestors lived. Looking at the routes they may have taken. Seeing where churches, castles, bridges, and graveyards are located. Learning new words like barrow (hill), cillin (small cemetery), and motte (mound with a stronghold).

The Discovery/Discoverer Series of Maps were published by Ordnance Survey, covering Ireland and Northern Ireland respectively. Originally the series included 89 maps. The scale is 1:50,000 so the detail is wonderful!

The IGSI library move reminded us about our remaining inventory of Ordnance Survey maps. We’d like to share this bounty with you! We’ve reduced the price of each map to $5. (IGSI sold them for $16 before we began liquidating the bookstore in 2015.)

We’ve also reduced the shipping cost to just $2 for the first map, plus 50 cents for each additional map. An incredible bargain!

X indicates map is not available

X indicates map is not available

Yes, a newer version of the maps exists, but landmarks and topography don’t change. And while you can download digital maps, there’s nothing quite like a paper map!

Our Discovery/Discoverer maps can still provide great value, and now’s the perfect time to add these resources to your family history toolbox.

Now for the bad news: Sixteen maps are out of stock. But maybe not the one(s) you’re seeking!

This link will help you determine which map covers your area of interest:   www.theirelandwalkingguide.com/publications/maps/osi-discovery.

The map at left indicates what maps are no longer in our inventory.

Order soon to maximize your chances:   www.irishgenealogical.org/bookstore?maps .


(For now a few publications other than maps are pictured in the bookstore but they may not be available. Email me with questions: Blog@Irishgenealogical.org.)

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