Turn family tree into family treasure

Those four-page laminated guides about genealogical research are so handy.

As an example, your briefcase may already carry a copy of guides like Genealogy at a Glance: Irish Genealogy Research by Brian Miller.

There’s a new research guide, “Turning Your Family Tree into a Family Treasure” by Christine Woodcock. Christine is a genealogy educator with expertise in Scottish records.

Here’s part of an announcement from In-Depth Genealogist (IDG) publishing company:

As a family historian you have collected a cornucopia of research documents: bits of scrap paper, newspaper clippings, photos, obits, emails and other assorted bits of “research”.What can you do to preserve these documents and the stories they tell for future generations? Turn your family tree information into a treasured family heirloom, a family history book. In this in-brief, Christine shares tips on how to start, develop the content, interview relatives, share your own story, and determine your book format. There are also recommended websites, publishers, and resource books within the guide.

You can purchase “An In-Brief Guide to Turning Your Family Tree into a Family Treasure” as a PDF ($2.75) or pre-order the 4-page laminated guide ($9.95 plus shipping) through the IDG website.

Know what else? You can hear Christine Woodcock speak, live and in-person, at the 2018 Celtic Connections Conference (August 10-11, 2018, in suburban Boston). Christine will speak on three topics: 1) In Search of Your Scottish Ancestors, 2) They Were Highlanders, and 3) Step AWAY from the Computer. Conference registration will open later this month.

Check out other presenters and their topics at the Celtic Connections website and stay posted for more information about registration.


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