Are you connected to the Farrell clan of Co. Longford?

County Longford has joined the Ireland Reaching Out project.  Here’s a bit of news from their latest newsletter:

The land now comprising County Longford was traditionally known as Annaly (Anghaile in Irish), Tethbae or Teffia (Teabhtha in Irish) and formed the territory of the Farrell clan. A key element in the Ireland Reaching Out programme is to have a number of people trained in genealogy in each parish, who will deal with genealogical inquiries and ‘meet and greet’ visitors. In that sense, ‘Longford Reaching Out’ is very much a community-based project and it can be seen as an extension of existing community activities. Speaking to the Leader, Ray Hogan, chairperson of ‘Longford Reaching Out’ Steering Group, also stressed the importance of the Ireland Reaching Out website, where there are pages dedicated to each county and parish. ‘We hope that later in the year, there will be a parish liaison in each parish who will put up a parish profile and other useful information on the page. That way those with links to the area will get a feel for it’. Mr Hogan explained that ‘Longford Reaching Out’ is being run under the auspices of the County Longford Community and Voluntary Forum, which he also chairs. ‘The steering group includes representatives of the County Longford Community &Voluntary Forum, Longford Genealogy Centre, the historical society, Longford Community Resources Ltd. and Longford County Council and so it has the necessary expertise to lead this project’, he said. We will organise a training programme in genealogy and local history, with a pilot beginning after Easter’, he added.

More information on Ireland Reaching Out can be found on its website,

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