Ireland Reaching Out now covers all 32 counties of Ireland

We’ve previously posted information about Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland XO), the “Reverse Genealogy” program launched in Ireland in 2012.  This month they reached a milestone by signing up their 2000th volunteer and marking a presence in all 32 counties of Ireland!

A press release describes the program: 

Ireland XO provides an invaluable service to the development of local communities by welcoming returning members of the local parish Diaspora to their area, showing them where their people came from, and introducing them where possible to living relatives. Volunteers trained in local history and heritage also identify those who left the area, tracing descendants of local emigrants, building up a “virtual” parish community worldwide.

Ireland XO started in South East Galway. Now, within one year of its beginning, Ireland XO is present and active in over 800 parishes, helping those with Irish roots to reconnect the 70 million Diaspora with their heritage  and providing an economic benefit to those local communities.

More information, including a message board, can be found at their website:



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