Happy Mother’s Day to Queen June

A great Mother’s Day story appeared in the Chicago Sun Times. Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day to Queen June

IGSI website to be updated soon

The May-June 2017 issue of Ginealas, the bi-monthly eNewsletter of the Irish Genealogical Society Intl (IGSI), arrived in members’ email boxes this week. The lead story was about updating IGSI’s website. Continue reading IGSI website to be updated soon

Special on FTDNA Autosomal

Discover your ancestral origins and connect with others who share your DNA. Continue reading Special on FTDNA Autosomal

“named” by Public Profiler

How we love to track surnames! A website developed by geographers at the University College London (UCL) is another tool for finding where in the UK your ancestors migrated (or stayed). Continue reading “named” by Public Profiler

Griffith’s Valuation class

As every Irish family history researcher quickly learns, very few pre-1901 census records survive. Instead we must squeeze out every morsel of information ¬†from land surveys completed by Richard Griffiths between 1847 and 1865.¬† Continue reading Griffith’s Valuation class

Historical U.S. county boundary maps

As I researched my Revolutionary-era ancestors through multiple Pennsylvania counties, I thought they kept migrating west. From Lancaster County to Cumberland County to Bedford County to Westmoreland County. Turns out the county boundary lines moved more often than my ancestors. Continue reading Historical U.S. county boundary maps

NLI genealogy service renewed for 2017

The National Library of Ireland (NLI) has confirmed the renewal of its arrangement with Ancestor Network and Eneclann to support genealogy service in 2017. This will be the sixth year NLI has partnered with these Irish genealogy firms. Continue reading NLI genealogy service renewed for 2017

“Beta” Minnesota People Records Search

If you research births or deaths in the state of Minnesota, you’ll be happy to hear about the “beta” version of “People Records Search” on the Minnesota Historical Society (MnHS) website. Continue reading “Beta” Minnesota People Records Search

Comparison of DNA tests

Have you ever wanted to purchase a DNA test kit from multiple companies and compare the results? Continue reading Comparison of DNA tests

Help from the Hutterites

A visit to my old home in South Dakota last week was particularly bittersweet. Continue reading Help from the Hutterites