Wills of Trump, Astor, Guggenheim & Melville

Have you checked out the new wills and probates on Ancestry.com? Newspaper reporters are!


DNA Day 2015

DNA Day 2015 is here!


Heritagequest through public libraries

One enjoys many benefits from possessing a public library card; many of us access Heritagequest (and Fold3) records at home through our library’s website. Free and convenient!


Lots of end-of-year genealogy bargains

It’s a good time to be looking for a bargain on genealogy services and products. Here are a few:


Free Access of Ancestry.UK thru Dec 26

Not interested in after-Christmas shopping or bowl games on December 26? Here’s an alternative: Ancestry is offering free access to their UK records (including Irish collections) through December 26.


Free Access to Ancestry’s New Global Collection

It’s Labor Day weekend, the last big official weekend of summer. If the weather isn’t good where you are, why not spend part of the time taking advantage of Ancestry.com’s latest offer:


Ancestry.com Collaborating with FamilySearch

Yesterday Ancestry.com and FamilySearch announced an extension of their plan to digitize, index and publish historical records from 67 countries. The commitment for additional records may bring the total number of new records to 2 billion!

Here’s a link to their January 21 press release:http://corporate.ancestry.com/press/press-releases/1969/12/Ancestrycom-Expands-Groundbreaking-Collaboration-With-FamilySearch/

The latest “new” information had been previously digitized by FamilySearch. […]

Iowa WWII Bonus Case Files, 1947-1954

If you’re an Ancestry subscriber, you may have recently received family tree hints about “Bonus Case Files” for WWII veterans who’d lived in Iowa. The information in these files could potentially be very helpful.