Ancestry offering free access thru Mar 19

The week of St Patrick’s Day is definitely a good time to do a little research! is offering free access to its Irish collection, until 11:59 pm on Sunday, March 19.


Getting the most out of

Saturday, March 11, is IRISH SATURDAY, sponsored by the Irish Genealogical Society Intl (IGSI). On the second Saturday of most months, you can join us for classes at the MGS Library or get help with your Irish genealogical research.


Second cousins discovered after 70+ years

Tomorrow is opening day of the South Dakota pheasant-hunting season so we’re here in my hometown for a few days. This morning – over a leisurely cup of coffee – we watched a heartwarming TV segment on the CBS morning news program.


Love those waving green leaves!

I popped into and found a new hint, one of those waving green leaves.


The Scot in North Ireland, North Britain, and North America

Among’s new records is the book, The Scotch-Irish, or The Scot in North Ireland, North Britain, and North America.

Written by Charles A. Hanna and published in 1902, the book fills nearly 1300 pages in two volumes. The tome “outlines the most noteworthy events of Scottish history… (and)… mentions many prominent Scots-Irish individuals in […]

YouTube interviews (military pensions and historical maps) has shared 8-minute YouTube clips from interviews with genealogical experts, “Exploring U.S. Military Pension Files with Loretta Evans” and “Historical Maps Reveal Much More Than We Think” presented by Pamela Boyer Sayre and Rick Sayre.


Murphy family bliss, revisited

While browsing Ancestry this week, I re-read a newspaper snippet posted on several family trees. “What a great piece of genealogy for the blog,” I said to myself. Well, it turns out I shared this story with readers a couple years ago. With your indulgence, here it is again:


How good are the new indexes?

When the indexes of Catholic parish records were released by Ancestry and findmypast this month, did you wonder how dependable and thorough they were?

Ancestry discount for AARP members

Here’s something to keep in mind if you’re contemplating a new subscription:

Ancestry offers a 30% discount for AARP members.

Hey, it apparently even applies if you’re already with Ancestry and want to renew!

Check it out:

A penny saved is a penny earned!

(Thanks to FW for another good tip.)

Specials on DNA testing – beware!

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a DNA test, now’s the time to act. Traditionally the major DNA testing companies offer specials around the holidays.