Irish Historic Towns Atlas – Ennis

Ancestors from Ennis, County Clare? Here’s an announcement of interest from Clare Roots Society:

Founder Member Larry Brennan has come up with another ‘little gem’ to share with Clare Roots members. Anyone with Ennis connections will be intrigued with the extraordinary body of knowledge contained in the Irish Historic Towns Atlas (IHTA), using the weblink […]

Irish Family History Day

Today, January 23, is Irish Family History Day at I just viewed part of a webinar with Irish genealogy expert Brian Donovan advising how to get started with Irish research and describing Findmypast records.


Ancestors from Carlow?

If you are researching family history in County Carlow, new sources are now available.


Related to JFK?

‘Lore’ is a body of knowledge or tradition that is passed down among members of a culture, usually orally. It’s the lore in “folklore,” and responsible for spreading the word on mythical figures like Santa Claus, Paul Bunyan, and even Uncle Sam… Humans need and love their lore.

That definition of ‘lore’ comes from […]

Clerical and learned lineages of medieval Co. Clare

Luke McInerney, an independent scholar with an interest in medieval Gaelic lordship and society, has written a new book, Clerical and learned lineages of medieval Co. Clare: A survey of the fifteenth-century papal registers.


WWI Dead in County Clare

One of the objectives of the Clare Roots Society is to provide a forum for family history and genealogical research with an emphasis on County Clare. Details about lectures, publications, and sources for research can be found at their website:


Founding a Family on the Far Side of the World

The hand-written diary of Patrick MacMahon (1831-1910) was transcribed and published in the January 31, 2014 edition of The Clare Champion. He’d written this family history at the age of 70 years, for the benefit of those who “come after me as being the founder of my family in Australia.”


70,000 Limerick cemetery records to go online Aug 20th

Here’s an article from the Clare Herald:

An online, searchable database of 70,000 people buried at one of Ireland’s largest cemeteries is nearing completion and will be officially launched next month, it has been announced.


Clare Roots Society sponsors “Gathering the Scattering”

Clare Roots Society is hosting its Second International Family History Conference in Ennis (County Clare, Ireland) from April 2-6, 2013.