Vital Records Handbook

Newly published is a seventh edition of the International Vital Records Handbook by Thomas Jay Kemp.


Black sheep in your family tree

Some people hesitate to begin searching their family history out of fear they may uncover embarrassing information. Others relish finding stories about scandals and scamps.


How many have your name?

There are 325,066,801 people in the U.S. How many have your name?

This website will tell you:

The site makes no claim to scientific accuracy and states, “All numbers based on statistical and demographic from U.S. Census Bureau. For entertainment purposes only.”

Thanks to Dick Eastman’s blog for this bit of fun.

RootsTech streaming

Wouldn’t it be fun to attend RootsTech, advertised as the largest global genealogy event? The conference takes place in Salt Lake City, UT; this year’s dates are February 8-11.


Historic land records in the skip

Three friends out walking in Dublin nearly forty years ago discovered a box of documents near a dumpster or trash bin, called a “skip” in Ireland. The papers appeared to relate to old land transactions and have some historical significance; nonetheless, the box remained stored away for almost four decades.


More Black Friday specials

If eating too much turkey on Thanksgiving made you so sleepy you forgot today was Black Friday, here’s a reminder about some of the special genealogy-related deals available today or through the weekend.


Dick Eastman is wrong?

Whoa! The title of the posting mimics John Grenham’s and is intended as an attention-grabber.

Book-signing by the authors

Last week in his blog, Dick Eastman posted a review of the book Tracing Your Irish Ancestors, 4th Edition, by John Grenham. Published in 2012, the book isn’t new, but it stands as one of the most useful books in Irish genealogy.


“Aida’s Secret” to premier in Canada

People attending today’s Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto are in for a treat. Premiering there will be a documentary about a family blown apart during the Holocaust but reunited after their genealogy was reconstructed.


September is a lovely time to be in Ireland

Ireland is a great place to visit – perhaps anytime of the year – but both our glorious trips have been in September. In 2016 there’s a secondary reason to plan travel in September: the Diaspora of the Wild Atlantic Way.