Genealogy website/DNA help ID WWII remains

In January 1944 1st Lt Robert Eugene Oxford was one of eight men on a supply mission aboard a U.S. Army bomber headed from China to India. The plane never arrived, and a search was impossible because there was no way to pinpoint where it went down. The men were later declared dead.


Latest issue of Irish Roots Magazine

The 2017 Second Quarter issue of Irish Roots Magazine arrived by email this week. Another fact-filled edition!


Comparison of DNA tests

Have you ever wanted to purchase a DNA test kit from multiple companies and compare the results?

DNA will tell

I heard an intriguing story the other day about DNA test results. I’m enjoying a long weekend in Chicago, but the story remains on my mind.

A friend submitted a DNA test kit for her 80-year-old-plus father. When potential matches began to appear, she was puzzled. This was not the family she expected to find. […]

DNA, Genealogy And The Search For Who We Are

Learning more about DNA is one of my genealogical resolutions for 2016. This looks like a good place to start.


Cyber Monday deal

If you’re waiting for a special deal on DNA testing, here’s one to consider.


Celtic DNA

Genetic genealogy is definitely not a fad that will go away. (Remember early predictions about the World Wide Web?) To put it in non-scientific terms, DNA may be the ultimate brick-wall buster.


DNA “outs” a family secret

Nearly 90 years ago a memoir entitled The President’s Daughter was published by Nan Britton, who claimed President Warren Harding was the father of her out-of-wedlock child.


DNA Day 2015

DNA Day 2015 is here!


Second DNA class added for Sat, April 11

DNA is definitely a hot topic! IGSI’s Irish Saturday class on the subject filled up quickly – so we are adding a second class.