Generation Ireland summer camp

Looking for a unique summer experience for the teenager in your family?


Ulster place-names in Pennsylvania

My sole claim to Irish ancestry is my 3X great-grandmother, Elizabeth McKlveen Stahl. Other family historians cite her birth in Ireland circa 1792 to Scottish-born Henry and Isabel McKlveen. As my husband and I prepare for the IGSI tour of Ireland in September and our add-on visit to Scotland, I’m yet again looking over my […]

Free Irish graveyard books from Kabristan Archives

The following comes from an Ulster Historical Foundation announcement:

Eileen Hewson, the founder of Kabristan Archives and well-known for her Irish graveyard transcriptions, told Irish Genealogy News that Kabristan Archives is going fully digital and that in order to help clear stock the following publications are available for free! (You just pay P&P).

Donegal Graveyards […]

County Donegal – An Anomaly

I’ve been researching my Scots-Irish ancestry in Ulster, which reminded me about the unusual political and geographic situation in County Donegal.


Surname Variations

Thinking about the IGSI-sponsored trip to Ireland has prompted me to take another look at my own Irish connection.


New Irish Surnames Index

Earlier this month an Irish Surnames Index was made available for searching on www.dĂș The compilation of nearly 3000 surnames emerged from almost 80 years of collecting work by the Irish Folklore Commission, which began officially collecting folklore from around the country in 1935.



Beginning in 1989, the Irish Genealogical Society International (IGSI) has worked with the Genealogical Office of Ireland in Dublin to research and index Irish estate records located in the National Library of Ireland (NLI) and the National Archives of Ireland (NAI).


My McKlveen Connection

My third-great-grandmother, Elizabeth (McKlveen) Stahl, was born in Ireland in about 1792. I’ve done almost no research on the McKlveens. Early on, I was lucky to find another descendant, Janet Kirchner Warter, who has unselfishly shared her extensive research and documentation.