NLI genealogy service renewed for 2017

The National Library of Ireland (NLI) has confirmed the renewal of its arrangement with Ancestor Network and Eneclann to support genealogy service in 2017. This will be the sixth year NLI has partnered with these Irish genealogy firms.


Researching Uncle Sam

First, a news flash: Eneclann has been rebranded to the Irish Family History Centre. In addition to being part of the new EPIC Ireland, they continue to have an online presence and a weekly newsletter. This week’s newsletter includes a link to a podcast by Joe Buggy.


Irish Family History Centre opens May 7

Going to Dublin soon? Here’s an attraction to add to your “must-see-and-do” list.


Irish Lives Remembered – Easter 2016

Eneclann has taken over publishing the e-magazine Irish Lives Remembered, and its first quarterly issue commemorates the 100th anniversary of Easter Rising.


Eneclann Newsletter

Are you nearly finished with holiday shopping, wrapping, baking and cards? Are you ready to sit down and reward yourself with time for your favorite hobby?


Research tip of the week

Eneclann’s weekly newsletters include lots of genealogical news tidbits. One of the regular features is “Research Tip of the Week.”

The research tip in the most recent newsletter, written by Carmel Gilbride, has an intriguing opening paragraph:

When an emigrant has left Ireland prior to 1901, we largely think that might be the end of […]

What to do before researching at NLI

No trip to Dublin is complete without a visit to the National Library of Ireland (NLI). At least that’s my opinion, and anyone with an interest in Irish family history is likely to agree even if Rick Steves and other travel gurus don’t include it on their “must-see” lists.


Certificate of Irish Heritage

For their birthdays in 2012, our niece and three nephews received “Certificates of Irish Heritage” from us instead of the usual cash gifts. Their ages at the time varied from 27 to 34, but I’m not sure they were old enough to appreciate their presents fully. Someday in the future, perhaps.