Nicknamed ‘The City of Tribes’, Galway was home to 14 tribes of merchant families who led the city in its Hiberno-Norman period after c. 1450.


Ancestors from Killinane or Kilconickny?

The Church of Ireland has announced the transcription and indexing of surviving registers for the parishes of Killinane and Kilconickny, near Loughrea, in County Galway.

Did your ancestors come from the west of Ireland?

The Irish Family History Foundation claims to hold the most complete database of Irish Catholic parish records in the world. Their databases (at were compiled from the original parish registers.


New Irish Surnames Index

Earlier this month an Irish Surnames Index was made available for searching on www.dĂș The compilation of nearly 3000 surnames emerged from almost 80 years of collecting work by the Irish Folklore Commission, which began officially collecting folklore from around the country in 1935.


“Small Sources” from Flyleaf Press

Over the past year, Jim Ryan of Flyleaf Press has been posting small/useful/free lists called “Small Sources.”



Beginning in 1989, the Irish Genealogical Society International (IGSI) has worked with the Genealogical Office of Ireland in Dublin to research and index Irish estate records located in the National Library of Ireland (NLI) and the National Archives of Ireland (NAI).