GSI publications at Findmypast

Although I’m not a member, I regularly check the website of the Genealogical Society of Ireland (GSI). I always learn something new by reading their monthly newsletter, Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette. Now GSI’s journals and publications are being published online as part of the PERiodical Source Index (PERSI) at Findmypast.


Lectures at GSI in Dublin

The Genealogical Society of Ireland (GSI) publishes the monthly Genealogical Gazette which always includes a valuable tidbit or two.


Rental Records as a Genealogical Source

The Genealogical Society of Ireland sponsors monthly lectures and then includes a summary of the presentation in their gazette the following month. The October 2013 talk was “Rental Records as a Genealogical Source” given by Dr. James Ryan of Flyleaf Press.


Is the answer in your genes?

A couple years ago, as a Christmas present to myself, I paid for DNA testing for my husband and my brother. I naively hoped they’d both match with long-lost relatives in Europe and my genealogical research would be over. When that didn’t happen, I filed away the results and mostly forgot about DNA. This week […]

The Best Things in Life Are Free

This idiom isn’t always true, of course, but it’s a pleasant surprise when one “gets something for nothing”.

If you haven’t already done so, take a look at the Genealogical Society of Ireland’s website:

On their home page are links to recent and archived issues of the Society’s monthly publication, Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette. What […]