Griffith’s Valuation class

As every Irish family history researcher quickly learns, very few pre-1901 census records survive. Instead we must squeeze out every morsel of information from land surveys completed by Richard Griffiths between 1847 and 1865.


Precise dates on Griffith’s Valuation

Although John Grenham’s columns are no longer published in the Irish Times, we can continue to read his tips and witticisms at a different website, on his blog.


Letters Patent for Sir Richard John Griffith

As blog editor I periodically receive inquiries and requests. The following message dropped in on a ‘slow-genealogy-news-day’ so I will pass it along:


Griffith’s Valuation Not Available at AskAboutIreland

The Griffith’s Valution segment at AskAboutIreland is down for maintenance and necessary upgrades. has been a good, free source to Griffith’s survey (Irish property ownership from 1848-1864). We hope the fixes are accomplished quickly.


Griffith’s Valuation – Sept 14 Class

You know how to use Griffith’s; you’ve done some searches and found some names. Now what?

On September 14 (Irish Saturday at the MGS library) from 1-2:30 pm, Beth Vought will present a class on “Griffith’s Valuation – the next steps.”

Beth will discuss:

how to query Griffth’s Valuation; how to map surnames to find […]

PRONI’s Online Valuation Revision Books

From Ancestry Ireland newsletter (May 16): New Online Resource

PRONI has recently launched its online valuation revision books. These books cover the period from the Griffith’s Valuation (1850s and 1860s) to the 1930s, so are a useful substitute for the destroyed nineteenth century census records. They show changes in occupancy which may help suggest dates […]

No access to at MGS on May 4

One of the benefits of visiting the Minnesota Genealogical Society library is free access to, “the premier source for tracing your British and Irish ancestors.” will be making upgrades to their servers on Saturday, May 4. Consequently, the site will not be available from 2 AM to 1 PM (Minnesota time).


“Double-good” Irish Saturday

Read about IGSI classes for Irish Saturday. There will be TWO classes on June 9, one in the morning and one in the afternoon!


The Best Things in Life Are Free

This idiom isn’t always true, of course, but it’s a pleasant surprise when one “gets something for nothing”.

If you haven’t already done so, take a look at the Genealogical Society of Ireland’s website:

On their home page are links to recent and archived issues of the Society’s monthly publication, Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette. What […]