Photo clues

While sorting through another box of family belongings, I came across an old photo album.


Irish naming convention

Did you read yesterday’s posting about the 1826 Tithe Applotment record and ask “couldn’t Bartholomew have been James’ father, instead of brother?”


Tithe Applotment Books revisited

This week genealogist/blogger Donna Moughty has written an easy-to-understand explanation about Tithe Applotment Books. I find it’s often worthwhile to go back and take another look at sources previously reviewed – and now’s a good time to reconsider this important set of records (1823-1838).


DNA surname project update

Since 2008 when we submitted a FamilyTree y-DNA test kit, my husband Bill has been part of the FTDNA Hickey surname project.


Hold the phone!

Just two weeks ago I posted about an acquaintance who learned through DNA testing that her paternal grandfather wasn’t exactly who she (or her father) thought he was. I’m now learning firsthand this type of discovery might not be so rare.


Mary and Charley?

An oval, framed photograph found in the attic of my husband’s boyhood home remains a mystery to us. Every once in a while I take it out and try by force of will to get the picture to disclose who the people are.


Family Naming Patterns

The O’Dwyer Clan Newsletter (Spring 2015) included an article entitled “Find your Irish roots through family naming patterns” written by Stephanie Varney.


New entries added daily to DalbyData

I’ve spent more hours this week than I want to admit chasing leads on Ryan family history.


Mortality Schedules

Census years 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 included information about individuals who died within the 12-month period before the census-taking. These lists are known as “Mortality Schedules” and may be the only record of death for some individuals. Many states did not require death records until the late nineteenth century. In addition, gravestones or cemetery […]

Mother Margaret in Minnesota??

Baptism records from the 1850s and 1860s recently provided to me by an IGSI researcher (at a bargain price, as described in my July 29th blog posting) prompted me to look again at early Minnesota census records.

I’d certainly viewed the 1857 Minnesota Territorial Census before but never this particular page. What a surprise I […]