Did your ancestors work in the linen industry?

Irish linen has been called the “Fabric of Ireland.” Woven from flax fibers, linen constituted an important industry in Ireland during the 18th and 19th centuries.


Best guide to Irish church records I’ve seen

Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland xo) has developed a terrific guide to historic church records.


The best Irish genealogy and archive repositories

Ireland Reaching Out has developed a list of the best genealogical sources and repositories when carrying out your Irish family history research.


The Man Who Disappeared For Over 158 Years!

This story comes from the June newsletter of “Ireland Reaching Out”:

A wonderful story from Sr. DeLourdes, Ireland XO volunteer:


Ireland Reaching Out now covers all 32 counties of Ireland

We’ve previously posted information about Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland XO), the “Reverse Genealogy” program launched in Ireland in 2012. This month they reached a milestone by signing up their 2000th volunteer and marking a presence in all 32 counties of Ireland!

A press release describes the program:

Ireland XO provides an invaluable service to […]

Are you connected to the Farrell clan of Co. Longford?

County Longford has joined the Ireland Reaching Out project. Here’s a bit of news from their latest newsletter:


Reaching Out program and Fern’s “luck of the Irish”

IGSI member Fern Wilcox recently shared her success with the Ireland Reaching Out website found at http://www.irelandxo.com. She had great luck, and you could, too!


Ancestors from South-East Galway?

You may have heard about the Ireland Reaching Out project, also called “Ireland XO” (www.irelandxo.com). They are seeking to identify and trace descendants of those who left Ireland. The Week of Welcomes – an integral part of the Ireland XO program – is an opportunity for people of Irish heritage to explore their past and […]