A twofer?

No, this blog posting isn’t about a two-for-one holiday special on subscriptions or DNA kits.


Discounts at Irish Newspaper Archive

If you’ve been wanting to do research in Irish newspapers, Halloween may be a good time to start. Irish Newspaper Archive is offering subscription discounts of 30-35%.

Buried in Fingal

A new database was launched last week which includes searchable details for 65,000 people buried in the Fingal area, north of Dublin.

Santry’s Irish Genealogy News

Part of my daily routine is to check Claire Santry’s blog, IrishGenealogyNews.


Catching up with Claire

In her January 12th blog, Claire Santry posted the “catch-up dozen” of Irish Genealogy News items.

Read all about it here: www.irishgenealogynews.com/.

Ups and downs

A couple days ago I passed along Claire Santry’s blog posting about the release of General Register Office civil records free on Irishgenealogy.ie. If you’ve been following her story, you know the website has been experiencing ups and downs for several days.


GRO’s civil registers now online

Claire Santry’s Irish Genealogy News is always the place to go for the very latest in Irish goings-on. Today’s posting is no exception.


New home for Grenham’s Irish Ancestors

John Grenham announced in February that his weekly “Irish Roots” column and his “Irish Ancestors” database would be leaving The Irish Times website. In her blog posting today, Claire Santry has the scoop about where the “Irish Ancestors” database has been relocated.


CCC ’16 gets its name in lights

How exciting to read Irish Genealogy News and see the “Celtic Roots Across America” logo!


Give yourself a St Patrick’s Day gift

Irish Genealogy News blogger Claire Santry has been busy compiling her always-valuable postings into an e-book, New Irish Genealogy Records 2011-2015.