NAI Upload of Census Docs on April 28

The National Archives of Ireland (NAI) plans to upload its collection of 19th century census fragments and census search forms on Monday, April 28. NAI’s genealogy website is free:


IGRS Marriage Index Now Includes 30,000 Records

There are many excellent genealogy blogs out there. I try to “surf” regularly, to find items to share with you. Here’s one of today’s postings from Clare Sentry of the Irish Genealogy News:


2013 Announced as Ireland’s Family History Year

The following post was adapted from Irish Genealogy News blogspot:

“Tourism Ireland announced that 2013 is to be Ireland’s “Family History Year.” London was a suitable setting for the launch, with one in six British residents claiming an Irish grandparent.

The promotion is a bid to encourage the diaspora, whether in the UK or elsewhere, […]