Free data on Findmypast

Today’s blog posting by John Grenham is entertaining, as always, and carries a message to remember: Many sources on Findmypast, a subscription site, are actually free.


CSORP at the National Archives

The Chief Secretary’s Office Registered Papers (CSORP), held by the National Archives of Ireland, are yet another source for genealogical details.


National Archives Virtual Genealogy Fair

We’ve missed Day 1, but there’s still time to catch Days 2 and 3 of the National Archives 2014 Virtual Genealogy Fair. This is a live event via the Internet beginning at 10 am (eastern time) on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, October 28/29/30. The event is free and open to all, with no registration required.


NAI Upload of Census Docs on April 28

The National Archives of Ireland (NAI) plans to upload its collection of 19th century census fragments and census search forms on Monday, April 28. NAI’s genealogy website is free:


Upcoming Online Irish Resources

Here is John Grenham’s “Irish Roots” column reprinted from the November 4 edition of the Irish Times, in which he reports on anticipated upgrades to various Irish resources:

“The Irish Genealogical Research Society ( has just brought out a very handy “research update” bringing together all the promises of future online records made at the […]