NYC proposing to restrict vital records access

Help ensure access to New York City vital records. Make your voice heard before the October 24 (5 pm ET) deadline.


NYC marriage records 1950-1995

New York City marriage records (1950-1995) have been indexed and are now searchable online.


Success with a new source

KC shared the following success story/advice after being motivated by presentations at the recent Celtic Connections Conference. Here’s KC’s story:

I’m a Boston member who joined IGSI at the first Celtic Connections Conference two years ago. I have all New York City Irish and had gotten nowhere looking for places of origin in Ireland. I […]

Reclaim the Records

Tired of restrictions and paywalls around public data? So is a not-for-profit organization of genealogists, historians and researchers calling itself “Reclaim the Records.” They identify important data sites and file Freedom of Information requests to get the information back into the public domain.