How to identify Irish places

In his blog posting this week, John Grenham shares “a few tips to help crack tough place-names.”

He lists a number of online sources for researching placenames. Don’t miss reading his helpful advice:

New records online for Derry

Thanks to the Irish Family History Foundation for their recent message about additions to Derry records:


Placenames Database of Ireland

In October 2011 I posted “Location, Location, Location,” a short article about an Irish placenames database. Since then I guess I haven’t had occasion to use the database and its helpful website, and it slipped my mind. A blog-reader recently posed a question about her ancestors’ home of origin, and IGSI’s expert researcher Beth Mullinax […]

Location, Location, Location

If you’re lucky enough to know where your Irish ancestor(s) originated, you’ll be motivated to learn more about the location – where it is and what it means. There are a number of good resources when it comes to Irish place names.