Ulster place-names in Pennsylvania

My sole claim to Irish ancestry is my 3X great-grandmother, Elizabeth McKlveen Stahl. Other family historians cite her birth in Ireland circa 1792 to Scottish-born Henry and Isabel McKlveen. As my husband and I prepare for the IGSI tour of Ireland in September and our add-on visit to Scotland, I’m yet again looking over my […]

County Donegal – An Anomaly

I’ve been researching my Scots-Irish ancestry in Ulster, which reminded me about the unusual political and geographic situation in County Donegal.


Return to the Cradle of Irish Presbyterianism

If your roots are in Ulster, you may want to start thinking about “returning to the cradle of Irish Presbyterianism.” The six-day program (in County Antrim on September 16-21, 2013) includes a mix of talks, research sessions and outings to places of historic interest.