Researching WWII records at NPRC

It’s Family History Month 2015 at where the theme is “Learn something new about your ancestors every day.”


WWII POW records and 75% off Findmypast!

Labor Day weekend is certainly a time for discounts! The Findmypast Friday special offer is 75% off a World subscription!


WWII Artifacts

In mid-2013 I posted a story about a Nazi banner I’d found in an old trunk. We theorize the banner had been sent to my mother after her first husband was killed in WWII, as a tribute to him by members of his Army unit. Mom never spoke of the banner, and no surviving member […]

70 Years Ago Today

Maurice C. “Pete” Henrichsen was killed 70 years ago today, 16 January 1945, during the WWII Battle of the Bulge.


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Dad’s 100th Birthday and Memorial Day

May 17 was the 100th anniversary of my father’s birth. There was no big birthday celebration since he passed away over 25 years ago. Nonetheless, the birthday and Memorial Day have kept him strongly on my mind.